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Hello All!

First of all, I want to recognize all the work that Mia has done for this blog. When we thought up this idea a month or two ago and it was Mia that got the ball rolling!

Thanks Mia - there will be some British sweets en route to you!

If you’re a foodie, no doubt you know the entire crew of the food network - and have had many debates over which chef is the best. One of my all-time favourite chefs has to be Jamie Oliver. So you can imagine my excitement when some friends and I stumbled across one of his restaurants in Brighton!

The restaurant is located between the Lanes and the waterfront so it’s very easy to get to while you’re strolling around, shopping in the Lanes.

The other law students and I ordered various pastas - but the star of the meal was hands down the antipasti cured meat plank:

£6.85 A HEAD

Seasonal cured meat, Tuscan fennel salami, pistachio mortadella, San Daniele prosciutto and Schiacciata piccante

Italian cheeses, buffalo mozzarella and pecorino with amazing chilli jam

Pickles, curly green chillies, Gaeta olives and caper berries
Crunchy salad shaved root veg with chilli, lemon and mint

Highly recommended!
More international food posts to come! Cheers!
~ Adrienne

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